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If you’re looking for an enterprise, IT, OT or edge computing solution that enable a data mesh for secure big data analytics, Utilihive Datalake offers cloud-native integration, elastic storage and dataflow management that requires little or no coding.

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Unlock valuable insights

Becoming a data-driven organization remains one of the top strategic goals of utilities looking to lower costs, drive sustainability and improve service quality. They see the value in being intelligently empowered, enabling intelligent grid and business operations, providing a personalized customer experience, reducing operational costs and creating insights across the organization. Make your data agile and visible with Utilihive Datalake.

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Easier access to data

There are many factors such as the vast amount of smart metering or IoT data, the growing recognization of data as a valuable asset, and the emerging energy data economy, leading utilities to invest in data lake implementations. The goal is to democratize and liberate data at scale to provide insights and make automated intelligent decisions. Utilihive Datalake offers a modern distributed architecture for the utility domain and applies platform thinking to create self-serve data infrastructure that treats data as a product and a valuable asset.

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Cloud Services & On-Premise Solutions

Deploy in the cloud or on site. Choose what works best for your utility. If you need the elastic flexibility from the cloud without compromising data security concerns from a on-prem or private cloud deployment, then Utilihive Datalake is your solution!

The Energy Data Mesh

Even if the scalable and elastic data storage service is important, an effective and flexible data integration and ingestion layer and a modern processing and data access layer are the most crucial parts in a data lake architecture.

Utilities create a vast amount of machine data from smart meters, sensors or IoT devices. The data integration and ingestion layer in an energy data lake must handle a tsunami of readings, grid measurements, alarms and events. It also requires integration with a variety of operational systems or utility business applications to store necessary reference data and system of record data (SOR).

Most use cases creating value for utilities rely on flexible but extremely fast processing, crunching and aggregation of time series data from sensors, meters or IOT devices with geospatial information and enterprise data. For this reason, an energy data lake combines various storage services such as object storage, time series database, NoSQL and relational database technologies into a holistic and unified platform.

Many centralized data lake architectures fall short of expectations when it comes to stability, scalability, performance, development cost and operational efforts. Utilities are discovering the advantages of a distributed data lake or data mesh.

Utilihive encourages a distributed data lake architecture and offers big data integration and ingestion layer out-of-the-box including a library of pre-configured connectors to a variety of metering systems, IOT- or sensor platforms and utility applications. Utilihive provides pre-defined data flows and structures machine and enterprise data in well suited storage services (object storage, time series, NoSQL, relational and geospatial DB). Its Utilihive EnergyDataServices API provides a high-performance data virtualization layer, creating unified access independently from the underlaying nodes (or lakes) in the data mesh.

Key benefits

With an energy data lake in place, utilities have started to gain various benefits:

  • Centralize enterprise content silos
  • Overcome legacy systems’ limitations
  • Transform insight discovery and analytics processes
  • Process data in volume and speed that are not possible in the source systems
  • Gain operational insight and knowledge through the entire network to the grid edge
  • Create the energy data foundation required for:
    • intelligent grid operations to optimize grid infrastructure and improve asset health
    • intelligent customer service to reduce churn, increase customer happiness and offer personalized energy products

Accelerate your data lake implementation

Implementing an enterprise data lake can be so much simpler. Utilihive is designed for utilities and can be up and running in days instead of weeks or months. Why spend time on developing your infrastructure and reinventing the wheel when you could spend your time and resources building value for the business and creating new services for your clients.

Contact us to see how to leverage Utilihive data lake to unlock the full value of your enterprise data. Faster, better and cheaper.

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