Cloudwheel is a proven integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offered as a managed service enabling rapid digital transformation and fast time to market for any organization driving innovation with new services and products. Having the right integration backbone is critical in today’s business environment and it’s vital to get it right. Companies are under pressure to choose between the speed of becoming a digital organization and the quality of their integration. There is no need to compromise on speed or quality. Cloudwheel is a platform that connects the information and processes that drive your business success, so you can thrive in today’s digital economy.

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Big Data Integration solutions delivered as a Managed Service

For companies with limited resources to develop, maintain and operate an integration platform, it makes sense to take advantage of the speed, agility and lower costs of the cloud. This is where Cloudwheel can help. Cloudwheel is purpose-built to help handle the integration requirements of today’s business environment, allowing you to future-proof your integration solutions and lower your time-to-value. The Cloudwheel approach to solution development is collaborative. By working alongside our customers’ developers, we can provide flexibility, reduce consultancy hours and lower costs of development. The result is that Cloudwheel customers realize significant cost and speed-of-implementation benefits.

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Lead the way to IoT, AI and Analytics Driven Success

More organizations are starting to understand the need for smart management and utilization of data. Being able to capture data and transform it into accessible and usable forms creates a valuable asset. Companies can then use resources and infrastructure more efficiently. They are better able to understand their customers’ needs and can deliver that. In today’s digital world, successful companies are data driven. They are digital organizations that embrace a digital platform model as a foundation for their operations. Digital transformation of companies is a necessity. Other enterprises will be left behind.

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Speed of Delivery in the age of digital disruption

Digital transformation is accelerating and disrupting all sectors and markets. Agility, flexibility, adaptability and speed of innovation are key to business success.

Cloudwheel is disrupting traditional integration models by delivering an industry leading, cloud-native, high productivity integration solution. It is a solution that easily and cost effectively supports all your application and data integration needs, across your entire IT landscape.

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for every dollar spent on an application, you spend five for integration. Why?

Many organizations take a pick-and-mix approach to tackle their integration challenges, primarily using a point-to-point integration approach. This approach does not scale, however, and can lead to exorbitant maintenance effort and costs. According to Gartner Group, for every dollar spent on an enterprise application, organizations spend four to five dollars adapting and integrating that application.

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Cloudwheel SaaS Subscription

Cloudwheel is delivered as a subscription providing customers with essential services. With your Cloudwheel subsciption you get access to the best competence in the market, able and always available to deliver new functionality to your business. This provides companies, in the midst of digitalisation and innovation, a trouble free integration solution.

A Managed service for your digital solution

Cloudwheel delivers configurable integration applications for a variety of applications. Since the subscription on Cloudwheel includes all capabilities for an integration Platform as a Service, you have access to the best tools for creating agile business processes for the digital economy.

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Expertise embedded in the platform

Cloudwheel consists of modern, flexible and secure open-source components and frameworks all working together to perform specific tasks. It includes the development, testing and production environments you need, as well as the tool for developing, deploying and monitoring your integration solutions.

Our expertise is embedded in the platform, providing customers with an iPaaS that can be set-up and start running within a day. Cloudwheel platform combined with the knowledge and competency from our senior IT-experts deliver. Value. Fast. Agile.

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