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Employing and supporting a diverse team of people is what Greenbird is all about. It is one of the reasons we selected the name Greenbird, as you will find out in this podcast. While there are many ways to define diversity – such as race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and more – International Women’s Day reminds us that an equal world is an integrated world. At Greenbird we support an inclusive workplace and we are proud to celebrate and support the achievements of Women in Technology.

Liping Mu, a software engineer and architect and Tonje Krosby, marketing manager, talk to other women in tech about their work and experience as women in technology. Unlike other women in tech podcasts that focus on how to succeed in male-dominated fields, these women want to share their actual experience working in technology and at Greenbird. Their experience ranges from coding to creative, which makes for a very interesting 16 minutes for anyone thinking of joining Greenbird or a career in technology.

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