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Essen, Germany is the place where the European energy industry comes together every year for E-world. It is often described as the energy capital of Germany with some of the country’s biggest utility companies. In recent years, Essen has moved from an economy based on heavy industry and coal to being awarded European Green Capital in 2017.

With today’s utility companies looking towards a decarbonized future, Essen’s shift is echoed by utilities’ current move towards a future based around renewables and green innovation.

What was different about this year’s E-world event? The Greenbird team sensed an excitement in the industry. Last year, the energy sector was focusing on the disruptive forces affecting it. Now the impression we have is of an industry ready to act, excited about the next chapter and ready to drive the energy revolution.

What was everyone talking about at Essen? The delegates we spoke to were all convinced about the importance of data and having a platform for sharing and fostering innovation. The ´show floor´ conversation was all about managing data in a smart way and putting data to work by providing innovative new services.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at some of the main topics for discussion at the Greenbird stand.

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