Greenbird’s Utilihive Digital Integration Hub Earns ‘Elite’ Recognition for Data Analytics

Greenbird Integration Technology’s Utilihive Digital Integration Hub has been included in The Global Power and Energy Elites 2020.

The annual publication is produced by Clarion Energy and Smart Energy International. It seeks to shine a spotlight on the leaders and energy projects spearheading transformation in the power and energy sector throughout the world.

Greenbird’s co-founder and CEO, Thorsten Heller said,

“We’re delighted that our Utilihive Digital Integration Hub has been included in this year’s Global Power and Energy Elites. For our platform to be included in this list of world class energy projects and leaders is a great honor.

Greenbird was started in 2010 with the mission to enable the new data-hungry smart services driving the energy transition. We aim to operate 100 million measuring points around the globe within the next 2-3 years and plan with that to be one of the most important SaaS providers for the green energy revolution.

About Utilhive:

  • Unlocks utilities’ big data making it accessible to all parts of the organization
  • Enables utilities to provide a platform for IT innovation, partner ecosystems and third-party providers in the energy sector, delivering innovation from increasing DERs, eMobility and new smart city initiatives.
  • Simplifies complexity for legacy system integrations, as well as OT/ IT integration
  • With improved access to data, utilities can harness the power of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Predictive analytics

These features enable utilities to put data and technology at the heart of their organizations. They help to increase the speed of innovation so utilities can provide the services their customers want and at the pace that the digital natives demand.

About Greenbird:

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for utilities. We are a true DevOps company, delivering unique time-to-market and reliability. We were named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2018 because of our domain specific and flexible integration capabilities, crucial for creating easy-to-consume integrated solutions. Utilihive empowers utilities to manage their data flow faster and smoother than traditional system integration models while accelerating the journey towards the energy revolution. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway

For more information:

Frederik ten Sythoff

Greenbird Integration Technology

Storgata 1, 0155 Oslo, Norway


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