Thorsten Heller speaking at ElectraLink's Engagement Day

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Thorsten Heller speaking at ElectraLink’s Annual Engagement Day

On Monday, 12th of March 2018, Greenbird CEO Thorsten Heller will speak at ElectraLink’s Annual Engagement Day.

The event will take place @ Amba Hotel, Charing Cross, London, from 10:00 –14:30.

Thorsten Heller ElectraLink Engagement Day
Thorsten Heller, CEO, Greenbird Integration Technology

Speaker details:

Time: 10:15
Topic: Energy Data Structures from a World View
European and Eastern Models of Innovation in Data Transfer and Market Visibility.
Speaker: Thorsten Heller, Chief Executive Officer, Greenbird

Information about the event (from ElectraLink)

Innovation for Market Change is part of ElectraLink’s annual Engagement Day events where our teams are joined by members of industry to discuss programmes of technical and regulatory transformation that our businesses are deeply involved with. On March 12th, we are joined by a Senior Partner of Ofgem, Pamela Taylor, to discuss the Innovation Link programme, and Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird, to discuss innovative examples of data communications mechanisms from around the world. In addition to our discussion of ElectraLInk’s vision for the Retail Energy Code, we will be showcasing our plans for transforming the DTS into the Energy Market Data Hub.

Full Program

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