Greenbird launches first open source JSON to JSON data mapper to simplify integration


Piri makes mapping JSON to JSON easy, configurable and documentable.

Data integration is the number-one challenge to enterprises seeking to expand their digital footprint motivated by digital transformation, analytics, and business strategy.

Most developers however, really dislike data mapping. Yet transforming data from one format to another is something software engineers do on almost a daily basis. The process of documenting decisions made in code that ensures product owners and other stakeholders understands it has led to much frustration in the coding community. System engineers want tools that make their job easy and documenting code related changes should not be an additional task to worry about.

Piri from Greenbird is the industry’s first open source JSON to JSON mapper governing how data is structured and how the data should be transformed, providing a single source of truth for cross-functional collaboration. Piri offers an open-source tool where data formats can be agreed between Front-end and Back-end, or between 3rd party and your back-end systems. You can even use Piri for testing existing integrations.

According to a recent RedHat report, 99% of IT leaders see adoption of open source as important for their organization, and most companies plan to increase their use of open source over the next 12 months.

“At Greenbird we believe in democratization of data and simplifying integration for everyone,” said Thorsten Heller, CEO of Greenbird Integration Technology AS. “We believe that by offering Piri as an open source application we will further stimulate collaboration between teams and 3rd party providers allowing them to simplify data mapping and work faster.”

“Our goal was to create a library that makes JSON to JSON transformation and mapping easy, configurable and documentable,” said Thomas Borgen, System Engineer at Greenbird Integration Technology. “We achieve this by using a simple but feature-rich JSON configuration tool which in addition acts as documentation or contract between parties.”

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use Piri to map or test your data integration:

  • You GET data from api but need to transform it for your backend system. Piri does the job.
  • POSTing data to an api that needs data on a different format than what your system produces. Piri converts the data to the desired format.
  • All your backends speak different languages? Pipe it through Piri.
  • Customer delivers weirdly formatted data? Use Piri to make it sexy.
  • You have CSV but need nicely structured JSON. Convert CSV into a JSON list and transform it with Piri.
  • You have XML but need to change it. Convert it into JSON and transform it with Piri and then dump it to XML again.
  • Customer's legacy system needs CSV. Use Piri to transform your nicely structured JSON data into a JSON List that can be easily dumped to CSV.

Your open source mapping tool for JSON to JSON.

Piri was inspired by the famous navigator and cartographer Piri Reis, to help navigate the complexities associated with connecting, transposing and documenting data integrations between systems and stakeholders.

Piri is a JSON to JSON mapper. That means that it reads input JSON and creates output JSON. How the output is created is based on instructions from a configuration file. The configuration file governs the output structure and tells Piri where in the input to find data and where to place it in the output. In addition to this Piri supports data transformation including:

data casting
if conditions
combination of data from multiple places
default values

This enables you to change any input into the output you desire.

Key Features

  • Mapping with configuration File.
  • JSON Schema validation of the config file.
  • Structurally Transform JSON
  • Combine multiple values to one.
  • Default values
  • If statements
    • is, contains, in, not
  • casting
    • Integer, decimal, iso date

If you are ready to see how Piri can help your data transformation, we have made a helpful introduction course with a simple command line tool to run Piri. You can also start using it immediately.

Official Open Piri Solutions piri-cli, commandline interface for file to file mapping.


piri-web, One Click deploy Web REST API for Piri JSON mapping.

You can find more information under Documentation

The Source Code is available @ Github

About Greenbird

Greenbird is the leading big data integration technology provider for utilities and the industrial IoT. Our flagship innovation, Utilihive, simplifies data integration and big energy data management empowering utilities to achieve Sustainable Development Goals faster by accelerating the energy transition. Based in Oslo, Norway, Greenbird enables Digital Transformation at utilities, powering the energy revolution