LV Grid and AMI Monitoring


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Greenbird empowers utilities by delivering Utilihive MonAMITM LV Grid and AMI Monitoring to provide low-cost, real-time insights into the low voltage network without investing in more hardware or software applications.

MonAMI connects to your headend system giving you easy access to real-time events and alarms from your Smart Meter infrastructure.

View network issues faster and at a lower cost, adding value to your Smart Metering investments.

Opportunity from AMI for LV Grid Awareness

The increase in distributed generation and EV charging has heightened the need for better LV monitoring. ADMS software solutions can be expensive and time consuming to implement. The roll-out of Smart Meters provides utilities Power Quality Data for insights into the low voltage grid.

What do you get with Utilihive MonAMI LV Grid and AMI Monitoring?

Utilihive AMI Dashboard is able to display real-time data based on Smart Meter data, events and alarms. It uses the existing metering infrastructure by integrating to the headend system. Utilihive actively listens and responds to event and alarm messages and displays them in real-time in the map interface. Configure and filter different kinds of events and alarms like power outages, voltage drops, ground faults and more. As the data is stored in the Data Lake you can easily scroll back in time to investigate network issues.

Key Advantages

Gain instant visibility into the low voltage mesh and underground network without expensive application requirements allowing you to:

  • Graphically identify network problems faster
  • Increase reliability scores and customer satisfaction
  • Produce and share insights instantly across the organization
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Access greater smart grid functions beyond traditional metering

Utilihive MonAMI helps utilities turn AMI into a truly multifunctional network, capable of providing greater functionality beyond traditional metering.

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