Greenbird launches Utilihive to accelerate energy innovation

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Greenbird Integration Technology has announced that it has renamed its integration Platform as-a-Service (iPaaS) to UtilihiveTM. The Gartner recognized integration platform developed specifically for utilities and known in the market as Metercloud, enables enterprises to harness the data flow and develop new and innovative services in the energy sector.

Greenbird’s utility customers are working in an environment affected by fast-moving and relentless change. Becoming digital, data-driven organizations is essential. Greenbird’s cloud platform has been expanded to meet utility companies’ growing needs in this environment. In its recent report, Gartner stated that the emerging Data Integration Hub (DIH) architecture can help application leaders reduce the cost and complexity of enabling API access to data held in system of record applications for large-scale/high-performance scenarios. Greenbird was recently named a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Application Architecture, Infrastructure and Integration.

In response to these changes, Greenbird has expanded its Digital Integration Hub and renamed it to reflect its position at the core of a thriving ecosystem of utilities and partners driving innovation and will now be referred to as Greenbird’s Utilihive platform.

Utilihive is a domain specific integration hub, enabling the digital utility to create sustainable value from its data and ensuring it can adapt quickly to changing requirements and opportunities in the ongoing energy revolution. It has prebuilt support for integration of legacy systems that handles IoT, IED devices and meter readings, meter data management and billing. In addition, the combination of Utilihive Data Lake and Data API enables utilities to become data driven organizations.

With this expanded platform, utilities can easily embrace and utilize technology empowering digital grids, smart cities, eMobility, microgrids and distributed energy sources. This allows them to accelerate their digital transformation, embrace the changes within the energy sector and develop new and innovative services for their customers.

The full Gartner report “Cool Vendors in Application Architecture, Infrastructure and Integration” (May 2018) by Eric Thoo, Massimo Pezzini, Aashish Gupta and Bindi Bhullar can be accessed by Gartner subscribers and clients here:

View the report here.

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