Greenbird joins the Norwegian Smartgrid Centre

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Greenbird joins the Norwegian Smartgrid Centre – the national centre for smart grid technology.

The Norwegian Smartgrid Centre works on a broad front to ensure that society has access to the necessary expertise in connection with the establishment of, and adaptation to, a new, improved energy supply system. The goal is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly system providing better utilization of the electricity supply grid and increased use of renewable energy sources.

Greenbird provides an advanced SOA based integration middleware platform for smart metering (rollout and operations) and smart grid solutions. Greenbird will bring in its experience and expert knowledge within smart integration solutions to contribute to the Smartgrid Centre’s activities such as research, teaching, business development and commercialisation, laboratory, testing and demonstration projects, network building or information.

For more info, please visit the Norwegian Smartgrid Cntre’s website.