Greenbird works with German Power Utility EnBW on a Platform for the Future

Oslo, November 21.

Greenbird Integration Technology is working with German Energy Utility, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG to establish a new and future-orientated IT solution for the German market role of the meter operator.

EnBW is working on a new IT architecture for their metering business. Within this project and architecture Greenbird’s Utilihive digital integration hub has been chosen to provide the digital integration platform. The initial pilot which aimed to prove the architectural concept and capabilities of Utilihive, was completed in a rapid eight weeks. The project is now in the implementation phase with the first release scheduled to be up and running for December.

An Agile Project Partnership delivering Connectivity and Insight

EnBW chose Greenbird’s Utilihive for the integration of metering specific services within their event-driven and loosely coupled IT architecture for their metering business. The two companies are working in close partnership in an agile project model.

Utilihive offers modern, cloud-native, SaaS technology. This enables EnBW to apply state of the art technology and to increase project speed and scalability. Utilihive will provide the integration of meter specific services in a new, multi-layered, corporate IT architecture which will push EnBW’s metering business.

Greenbird CEO and Co-Founder said,

“Our project with EnBW can provide services and new functionality in a cost-effective way. We are working together to make the service available to the rest of the industry.”

Utilihive will handle the integration of the core components in the metering IT architecture. This includes several systems of records, such as Meter Data Management and energy data management.

A Platform for the Future

The in-built flexibility of the Utilihive platform gives EnBW the flexibility, speed and scalability that a needed in the fast-changing digitalization of the market.

The Utilihive platform is:

  • Event-driven and scalable for future requirements and additional metering points
  • Enabling loose coupling between the system applications to allow a flexible use and interchangeability of applications. Third parties can profit from this flexibility by being able choose only selected parts of the EnBW platform for their needs.
  • Able to scale both horizontally and vertically as more customers choose EnBW as their Service Provider or Meter Point Operator.

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for utilities. We are a true DevOps company, delivering unique time-to-market and reliability. We were named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2018 because of our domain specific and flexible integration capabilities, crucial for creating easy-to-consume integrated solutions. Our flagship innovation, Utilihive, empowers utilities to manage their data flow faster and smoother than traditional system integration models while accelerating the journey towards the energy revolution. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway.

EnBW is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, and supplies electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to around 5.5 million customers with a workforce of 22,000 employees.

For more information:
Frederik ten Sythoff
Greenbird Integration Technology
Storgata 1, 0155 Oslo, Norway

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