Utilities and energy sector

The energy industry is going through a major transformation. Market deregulation, introduction of harmonized end user markets, implementation of smart metering infrastructure or establishment of national data hubs force the transition towards the digital utility. IT and system integration is the key for success.

Smart Metering

Greenbird provides consulting services and integration solutions assisting utilities and simplifying planning, rollout, implementation and operations of advanced metering infrastructure and smart meters.

Smart Grid

Greenbird offers expert services and big data integration solutions to generate Smart Grid benefits. Intelligent interpretation of metering data, grid information or external data streams with predictive realtime analysis, enable utilities to develop insight and decision support required for the smart grid.

Smart Cities

Greenbird develops concepts and solutions building a foundation for smart utilization of data and information technology to generate social and environmental benefits in Smart Cities.

Digital utility

Greenbird drives utilities through the required transformations to meet the digital future. Greenbird assists utilities in outlining the target architecture, identifies required process and system changes and implements integration solutions which enable the digital utility.

Greenbird has delivered mission-critical integration solutions or consulting services to utilities operating more than 73% of the electricity meters in Norway.

Banking and financial services

Financial service industry is constantly reshaped through business innovation driven by technology. Mobility solutions, electronic wallets, mobile and m2m payment solutions, digital identification and signatures, intelligent risk assessment engines, advanced self services and net banking with responsive user interfaces are creating the new digital customer. Greenbird has delivered advanced integration solutions for major national and international actors in banking, insurance, capital market and payment management.

Digital signature for automated customer on-boarding

Greenbird develops solutions for digital identity management and digital signature to enable totally automated customer advisory and on-boarding applications.

Digitization of front-, middle- and back office processes

Greenbird designs and builds integration applications enabling totally digitized and automated solutions for customer care, front- or middle- or back office processes.

Data integration for customer insight

Greenbird designs and implements integration solutions generating a 360º view of customer information enabling financial advisors and service representatives to use customer insight to perform excellence during sales, advisory, customer care and service.

Multichannel integration for mobility services

Greenbird implements multichannel integration services enabling the provisioning of innovative mobility services in various channels and devices.

Telecom and media

Companies like WIMP or Spotify have disrupted the music industry. Youtube or Netflix have transformed TV business. Apps like Whatsapp, Google Hangouts or Viber take over for SMS. VoIP like Skype challenge telecom companies. Technologies like HTML5 websockets enable realtime web apps seamlessly integrating voice, messaging and video capabilities directly in browsers. Telecom operations and media companies have to think new. Disrupt. Or be disrupted.

Greenbird has delivered innovative integration solutions enabling telecom operators and media companies to realize new services to capitalize on disruptive technologies.

Oil and gas

The Petroleum industry is faced with increasing costs for performing oil and gas exploration and production. The aging workforce with nearing retirements, will evantually lead to a loss of valuable experience and knowledge. New fields on deeper waters will require new ways to control and monitor production. Deployment of new technology, advanced information management and process improvements are necessary to lower exploration and production costs. Greenbird provides IT consulting services and integration solutions for the oil & gas industry. Greenbird delivers integration solutions enabling oil and gas companies to effectivize exploration and production through implementation of integrated operations.





Transportation and logistics

Increasing overall safety, increasing work efficiency, contributing to environmental benefits are just some examples of business objectives for transportation and logistic organizations. Application of digital technologies and new technological capabilities are drivers for business innovation aligned with the business objectives. Greenbird has architected, planned and developed critical integration systems for aviation companies such as airlines, airport operations or air navigation service providers, shipping, railway operations, logistics or postal service organizations.

Public organizations

Governments and public organizations are constantly moving more and more services and information to online channels changing the way of interacting with citizens. Digital technologies are used to enable a citizen-centric provisioning of information and services. Electronic concepts such as ePrescription are implemented utilizing new technological capabilities to improve and optimize cross-agency services with citizens in mind. Greenbird has designed and developed integration systems helping public organization to implement digital workflows, eCitizen solutions and services for eHealth such as ePrescription.

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