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Check out our open positions and join Greenbird for challenging projects, lots of fun, disruptive integration technology and hanging out with awesome people!

Open Positions

Open Source Integration Developers / Front End Developers / Architects / Fullstackers 

Greenbird is a Norwegian software and solutions company. Headquartered in Oslo and expanding globally, we are passionate about software development. We are an established leader of integration and data management solutions and has served utilities representing more than 80% of the market in Norway.

Greenbird’s Metercloud.io, a state-of-the-art integration solution, supports the transformation towards digital utilities by enabling advanced smart metering. Built on open source lightweight frameworks and libraries such as React/Redux, Apache Camel, CXF, Active MQ, Kafka, Spark, Akka, Docker, Elastic, Logstash etc makes it flexible, scalable and high performing. And fun to work with. This is java-programming. Not point&click and drag&drop.

We are turning the business model of integration development by the hour upside down and is offering integrations as a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) providing business value out of the box. If you think we are kidding – check out our latest press release.

Required experience and skills:

We are looking for skilled developers with a burning desire to create high quality software solutions.


Fluent English is required. We are happy to welcome the right candidates to the Norwegian lifestyle.

We are building great things – will you join us?


Challenging integration projects

Greenbird manages some of the most challenging and mission-critical integration projects at major enterprises. You will be given exciting challenges in your field of expertise, attractive opportunities for personal development and lots of fun among the people working at Greenbird today. We value work-satisfaction, autonomy and personal development and show great faith in our employees.

Some of the benefits and perks

People at Greenbird love skiing so much that we have a cabin in Hemsedal where employees can bring colleagues, family and friends. Check out our other benefits and perks securing that you develop your career and have fun at work.

Educational programs

Every consultants have individual educational programs with opportunities for certifications and courses.

Monthly competency days

All employees join our monthly competency day where you can deep dive into your field of expertise.

Work abroad

Greenbird has international customers and you have opportunites to work abroad.

Flexible work hours

Get the job done and enjoy the opportunites for extending your weekends.

Downtown locations

Our offices are located downtown and are easy to access with public transportation.

Cabin in Hemsedal

Bring your colleagues, family and friends to our charming lodge with three bedrooms at Grøndalen in Hemsedal.