Big data integration architecture for industrial IOT at Apache Big Data


At this year’s European Apache Big Data Conference, happening September 28-29th in Budapest, Greenbird will present a big data integration architecture for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

Within the next 4-5 years, 800 million smart meters will be deployed worldwide. 50 billion smart devices and connected things will be implemented to sense data. The industrial IoT is not about devices or data. The industrial IoT is about turning data into information and connected it with people, processes and applications to build the smart services which turn the electrical network into a smart grid, which turn connected devices into a smart city and which turn a network of sensors into a smart factory.

In his presentation, Thorsten Heller from Greenbird will develop an holistic cloud architecture building the foundation for the whole IoT value chain: From data collection in the edge devices, transportation towards the enterprise network with MQTT, distribution of data with Apache Kafka to realtime processing and analytics in Apache Spark.
An end-to-end architecture for the Internet of Everything.

For details, please check the program and schedule here or get in touch with Greenbird for more information.