Greenbird enabling digital utilities


Volt Magasin, a leading Norwegian publication for utilities, has interviewed CEO Thorsten Heller and Product Manager Kent Narvhus Oksdøl about Greenbird´s cloud based integration service Metercloud. Based on this disruptive integration service, Greenbird is nominated as a top 50 finalist at the prestigious CODE_n competition for startups at the upcoming CeBIT fair in Germany.

Thorsten Heller explains that the introduction of smart metering and smart grids will generate vast amounts of data from the grids. The challenge is to turn these data into assets for the utilities. System integration solutions handling huge amounts of time series data will be crucial for enabling the digital utilities of tomorrow.

Metercloud from Greenbird is cloud based integration service supporting standard business processes found at most utilities worldwide. The new integration service offers advantages like lower upfront investments, a pay as you go model, lower project risks, rapid integration and lower costs for operations.

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