and Ghostwriter at European Utility Week 2014


At the European Utility Week 2014 taking place from November 4th – 6th in Amsterdam, Greenbird will run a live demonstration of Metercloud Ghostwriter. This service provides a data generation and simulation platform for utilities aiming to validate or optimize their smart metering and meter-to-cash processes. Metercloud Ghostwriter is available as a Software as a Service which simulates utilities’ advanced metering infrastructure and headend system. It generates meter readings, alarms and events based on user defined simulation profiles and scenarios. Metercloud Ghostwriter can generate metering data in various outputs such as CIM, GS2 or headend vendor specific formats.

Metercloud integration services provides big data integration for smart metering, smart grids and smart cities. Metercloud is a Orchestration as a Service (OaaS) with configurable and ready to use support for common business processes supporting the smart metering value chain. The Metercloud services simplify integration challenges for utilities implementing smart metering, smart grids and smart cities.

Do you want to learn more about how Metercloud can enable digital utilities? Please book a meeting in advance with Kent Narvhus Oksdøl, product manager for Metercloud.