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Greenbird Integration Technology AS is an integration technology provider enabling public and private organizations to shape the digital future and to unleash business potential. Greenbird offers expert services within strategic technology advisory, enterprise architecture, solution design and integration development.


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Greenbird drives mission-critical projects in the Nordic countries and delivers expert integration services in strategic engagements globally. Greenbird is located in Oslo and Stavanger to serve utilities, oil & gas, financial services, telco & media, transportation & logistics and public services. offers ready-to-use big data integration applications for smart smart grid, smart city and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT). is provided as services in a hybrid cloud. makes it easy for utilities to overcome integration challenges which come along during the transformation towards digital utilities.

Greenbird is disrupting the established system integrator business model and is changing the game for enterprise integration to empower the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Core values

Greenbird is challenging current mindsets.

Preferred service provider

Greenbird shall be the preferred technology and services provider within the core areas integration, architecture and smart metering.

Client value

Greenbird shall deliver visible value to their clients and be involved in mission critical and value generating projects within defined core areas.


Greenbird shall leave footprints and have a central and critical role within clearly defined responsibilities in all engagements.

Team work

Greenbird shall engage in projects with clearly defined deliverables and results delivered as a team.


Greenbird shall be visible and active within relevant community groups to drive innovation and knowledge sharing.


Greenbird shall invest in building competency and skills and actively encourage all employees to constantly increase their competency and personal skills.

Global ambitions

Greenbird shall focus on ambitious projects and challenging engagements in a global market.


Greenbird shall be a driving force for innovative integration and information management technology and disruptive methodologies.

Fun at work

Greenbird´s employees have fun at work and are proud of accomplishments.

People driving digital innovation

100% burning brains. 100% dedicated.

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Kent Narvhus Oksdøl

VP Solutions

Asim G. Kiyani

VP International Sales

Tonje Krosby

Marketing Manager

Jens-Martin Grønne

VP Technology

Marius Hansen


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